Up On The Peak- A Peep Into Illickal Kallu At Kottayam


To get relaxed from the daily pressures of life, one used to take a small break and would escape into the laps of Mother Nature where extreme freedom devoid of any deadlines but what surrounds is just the tranquil of the space. Kerala is the most popular and stunning tourist destination in the country. Thousands of tourists flow into the state to spend their holidays with dear ones. They would take a gap of more than days to exploit the alluring features of Kerala tourism. Many travel operators like Seasonz India are their best in providing Exclusive Kerala Tour Packages and assist in exploring each and every wonder of nature. What if you wish to spend your day in any offbeat locations which are free from all time overcrowded visitors? Kerala also treasures many offbeat picnic spots where you can spend your one day tour and get rejuvenated. One such place is the Illikkal Kallu at Kottayam. The Illikkal Kallu or Illikkal boulder is almost 4000 feet above sea level is 50 kilometers from Kottayam and just 6 km from the nearest small village Teekoy.


Illikkal Mala is the origin point of various mountain streams which gather together to form Meenachil river. To get the amazing view from the top one must take a trek of 3 km to reach the summit. Clear view of vast land meadows and view of the Arabian sea in the over the horizon as a blue stroke is a must visioned scene. This place is on the borders of developing as a tourist spot. Earlier to reach the valleys of this hill was difficult which was wiped out with paving new paths to reach the top. Recently a bus service took its test drive here and we hope that Illikkal rocks can soon reach to the wider visions of tourists. The road till the pre-summit is very steep full of curves and zigzags. Even the experienced driver fined it difficult to drive up the hills. It is really adventurous to climb the rocks as we must make use of the pits and marks of rock to climb up. There are no safety harness devised yet but of you wish to enjoy the beauty of the hills it is enough to reach its summit. 25 persons are accommodated at a time on the summit. The best view is obtained during full moon day when at sunset as the moon rises up the orange sun goes down.


The specialty of this rock is that half of the rock has fallen off what remains is its other half. A small cave is present on the top of the rock. The Illikkal Kallu comprises of three hills each rising up to 4000 feet above sea level possessing different shapes. One resembling the shape of a mushroom hence the name Kuda Kallu. Belief is that a medicinal herb Neela Koduveli grows here which possesses supernatural power will increase wealth and result in the rich harvest. The second hill has a hunch on its sides so called as Koonukallu, hunch back rock. A small pathway between the rocks is presently called as a Narakaplam meaning bridge of hell.


The nearest attraction here is Vagamon. Vagamon is located at Kottayam-Idukki district known for its rich pine forests. Vagamon is actually less explored and the town is less affected with commercialization. Vagamon was discovered by British for tea plantation later by Church authorities who built their abode of service at Kurisumala. In my opinion, Vagamon should be included in Stunning Kerala tour packages with price as it would offer an indelible experience to you. Vagamon meadows are known to Scotland of Asia and it was mentioned among 50 most attractive places in India by National Geographic Channel. The landscape of Vagamon hills is covered with green meadows, small rivulets, rippling mountain streams which are a perfect place for washing away all your stress and tension. Adventure sports like paragliding, trekking, and mountain climbing. The green environment is idyllic to practice meditation.

Screenshot (111).png

Ones who come to visit this rock can even get a glimpse at Kattikayam waterfalls nearby located at the Melukavu town. Set amidst the bamboo groves, sprawling meadows, and wildflowers, the falls pour out from a height of 70 kilometers making it as an exotic picnic spot. Taking a dip in the cool clean waters can rejuvenate your body and mind. The fact that these waterfalls are less explored adds to its beauty. Another appealing beauty at Kottayam is the Ilaveezhapoonchira, beautiful valleys spread over thousands of acres. This valley amidst beautiful hillocks near Kanjar yet another beautiful slice of nature is formed as the monsoons approaches; a small lake gets formed in the valley. As there are no trees around the place has got its name Ilaveezhapoonchira meaning the valley where the leaves will not fall.


Family packages for spending holidays in Kerala can be obtained through the sites of any travel trip advisors who will guide you in visiting these superlative offbeat spots in Kerala. The Illikkal hills are really dangerous if not explored well. Some youths were reported to have died falling off the cliff of Illikkal Mala. Reaching the top is highly risky as we know that the place is on the way to its development there are no presence of safety harnesses thus climbing through the slippery rocks can misguide you if not properly trekked. It is advised to visit the place during summer seasons as the onset of monsoons triggers the hills getting misty and foggy even the visibility drops to zero. Many activities are planned by the authority of tourism to promote this place. These hills are an ideal place for shooting splendid scenes in a movie. Thus Kerala has in abundance places to enthrall the tourists to the fullest and its offbeat spots are not just less in thrilling visitors. Some of the vacationers prefer to spend their holidays in the serene, tenderness devoid of hustles of other visitor’s spots. Illikkal hills are the best pick to satisfy their needs.

Some Haunted Places in Kerala that offer you Mysterious Ghost Tours


As kids, we used to hear a lot of many ghost stories and these ghost stories scare the hell out of most of us. Even many people have dedicated their lives to explain such paranormal activities and life beyond the one we live now; there exist still places that are considered to be haunted. And Kerala is no exception. Even if you don’t believe in such stories of ghosts, when you are alone are some unknown place or at night such creaky things and flickering lamps might give you a jolt.  If you are into the thrill and jolt that only such haunted places have, then you must try these places in your itinerary with Thrilling Kerala tour packages with Seasonz Inida.  The unexplained chill in the air in those places, some whispering sounds, some unexplainable shadows and movement in the corners, the miracle such places offers is endless. The history and stories speak for itself such places. Travelers who have an appreciation for spooky places, here are some destinations.

Lakkidi Gateway and The chain tree

chain tree.jpg
Chain Tree

Lakkidi, the gateway of Wayanad is located near the crest of Thamarasseery ghat. There are almost nine hairpin curves from Downhill to lakkidi through mountains and a journey through this ghat pass will surely give you goose bumps. It is about 700 above the sea level and is one of the highest locations in Wayanad district of Kerala.  When you visit Wayanad with some Brilliant Kerala tour packages, this place is a must include on your bucket list.

The story that led to the discovery of this place is what made it haunted.

The Mystery behind: The story goes like this. It was in the colonial times when British used to rule over here. Then a British engineer takes an initiative to find lakkidi to take the credit of finding a place all way himself but he sought the help of some locality named Karinthandan. And it is said that once he discovered the place, the British decided to avoid him and said to shoot him. And later after long, many travelers who passed through the new route reported that they felt or have seen the wandering of the soul of Karinthandan. As this was a frequent incident, a priest was called and exorcism was done to calm the spirit and tie it into a tree with a chain. But later, unbelievingly that chain got grown along with the tree and people still believe that the spirit is not yet freed.

What is spooky about the place: Trespassers sometimes witnessed or have reported about some loud shrieks and screams they have heard, while passing the route.

Bonacaud Bungalow

Bonacaud Bungalow


This most haunted place in Kerala is located amidst of the lush green plantations of Agasthya hill regions of Trivandrum and is famous for supernatural occurrences. This place was built around British era and the architecture is a classic example of colonial architecture excellence.  When the darkness crept in, this place becomes an absolute horrid place and a boy’s spirit is said to be seen by the door at night.

The Mystery behind:  Since the time of British rule, the bungalow was famous for its sprawling tea plantations and during that time, in one of the fateful night, one of the young children of the owner of this bungalow died under some mysterious circumstances. And after that incident, they went back to their homeland.

Spooky happenings:  many people who have visited here have reported some frequent wandering of spirit in this bungalow. Some sound of creaking furniture, breaking glasses and screams of a child is said to hear from this place during midnight. The appearance of a ghostly boy in the nearby places also been claimed.

Trichur forest

trichur forest.jpg
Trichur Forest

This forest zone among the most popular among trekkers and campers and is also an attractive place for the nature lovers and is blessed with rich flora and fauna. But animals is not what is happen to be a threat to this place, but the spirits and souls that claimed to be spooks people out who visit this place. This would be a wonderful place to visit during your Kerala trip.

The mystery behind: The story goes like this. It is said that there is some spirit of a boy around seven or eight years whose spirit haunts this place. There are no harmful events reported, but if you be the one who witnesses it, you surely going to sacred for life.  Many people who have visited here have seen the traces of a boy but no scenes in the morning.  According to one such tales, one was camping here and saw some boy sitting on some rock staring at the fire and the boy sat there for hours but was gone in the morning.

Mysterious occurrences: many who have visited here to experience adventure activities have witnessed paranormal activities.  The boy’s spirit is said to be seen staring into the blank but haven’t done any harm to anyone and disappears in the morning.


hymavathy pond.jpg
Hymavathi Pond

The Karivattom campus is considered to be another haunting place in Kerala and the Hymavathi pond, which was named after a girl who committed suicide here is considered to be one haunted place in the campus.  The story goes like this. Hymavathi was in love with a guy who belongs to another caste, and during that time it was unthinkable to marry someone of another caste. So she decided to end her life as she could not live with her beloved one by jumping into the pond. This pond is located near the back gate of Techno Park in Trivandrum. The pond is thickly surrounded by bushes and trees and many said to felt or witnessed paranormal activities around this area, vibrations or low energy levels.

Another real life story around this area is that once a techie who stayed late in the office, claimed to be felt some unexplainable presence while going through this route.

Bharathaur- Palode road, Thiruvananthapuram

sumathi valavu.jpg
Sumathi Valavu

This route in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala is said to be haunted and people still hesitate to ride along this route. This place was believed to be where a young woman named Sumathi was murdered. And they say her spirit to; haunts this place.  Many people have said that they have spotted a woman wearing some white dress when they did ride along this place.

Movies that Inspired us to Travel to Kerala


Kerala cannot be explained in mere words. It is unique in every aspect.  This land that is blessed by God with immense natural beauty has cultural and geographical wealth beyond imagination. And this has inspired minds of famous artists all around the world; find it an ideal location for life and drama to unfold.  Mollywood, Bollywood and even Hollywood has got inspired with this uniqueness of this wonderful land and has used it to fullest to make some amazing movies, that has got the viewers get awed by the natural bounties of the God’s own kingdom.


chennai express.jpg

Have you ever watched some dreamy scenes or songs get to wander too deep forests or some dreamy locations and wished, wow I wish I was there too? Then we are on the same page.  After I get you might watch these films or the famous songs over and over and never get bored. If you are waiting for some visual treat to get inspired to visit this enticing land with some Ultimate Kerala tour packages with the help of some tour operators like Seasonz India Holidays, then these list of films are a must watch for you. Once you watch these, you will surely feel the urge for pack your bags for a Kerala trip and explore it to the fullest.

Life of Pi- Scenic Beauty of Munnar


This oscar winning film by Ange Lee is the best example for the fact that, it is not just the Indian film directors or the cinematographers who get inspired by the marvelous destinations in Kerala. Even the international filmmakers make beautiful movies in this picturesque place. This film is a guy who survives a disaster at the ocean and is chased into an epic journey of travel and discovery. At the same time as solid away, he forms an unexpected and magical connection with another survivor. a fearsome Bengal tiger. The films have captured the scenic beauty of Munnar in an amazing manner, which is one of the most famous honeymoon locations in South India that you can explore with some Enthralling Honeymoon packages in Kerala.


life of pie.jpg

The film camera has done justice via shooting the beauty of verdant tea gardens in MunnarThe maximum memorable scene of Munnar on this movie is while Pi visits a church and is curious approximately all of the religions. He realizes all religions stand fNot only is the connection to Munnar however additionally there is any other reference to Kerala to lifestyles of Pi. Apparently, Richard Parker the tiger that is stranded on the lifeboat with Pi whilst the ship sinks is primarily based on few tigers in Trivandrum Zoo. The tiger lives on the lifeboat with Pi and is stored alive with the food and water Pi delivers. Richard Parker develops a relationship with Pi that lets in them to coexist of their conflict or identical motive and all have equal values.

Cotton Mary

cotton mary.jpg

The 1999 Ismail film Cotton Mary shot within the backdrop of fort Kochi.  Cotton Mary tells the tale of an Anglo-Indian nurse who insinuates her way into an English circle of relatives, adopts their manners and finds herself in the end rejected through both her British and her Indian neighbors. How Cotton Mary who saves the kid and becomes an essential part of their lives forms the rest of the story. Lily offers a start for the duration of the festive of Vishu. The backdrop set for the movie is in Fort Kochi.

Bahubali- Athirappilli- India’s Niagra


Would you believe that magnificent waterfall which was the key location of the first part of world renowned film bahubali is indeed the India’s Niagara or Athirappilli waterfalls in Thrissur? Then let’s see what the filmmaker himself has to say about this. “When the story of Nahubali came to my mind, I wanted to capture the ferocity and hugeness of Athirappilli as against the placidity and calmness that is exploited in the movies shot there”, said Rajamouli. That is the best thing about Kerala; you would never have to wander for locations to shoot. Athirappilly Falls is the biggest waterfall in Kerala and nicknamed The Niagara of India, located near Chalakudy Thrissur district in Kerala.



The major scenes of bahubali which has become a turning point in the story have been shot near the Athirappilly Falls. Athirapally falls is almost a character in the film Bahubali and leads the hero to his future within the movie. it’s far wherein you spot the Heroine Tamanna for the first time in the movie Bahubali, draped in her appropriate white get dressed, dancing and calling for the heroThe soothing sounds of the flowing waters, the birds chirping around, the inexperienced cover of the location will calm your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. It is an extraordinary destination for your holidays which you can enjoy with some amazing Kerala tour packages.




This Bollywood film directed by using ‘Ram Gopal Varma’ starring ‘Amithabh Bachchan’ and ‘Jiah Khan’ changed into shot in Munnar, which captured its beauty in extremely good manner

Dil Se- Alleppey+Thekkady+Athirappilly



The amazing backwaters and sleeping lagoons have always mused many filmmakers, especially the South Indian as well as Bollywood filmmaker, Mani Ratnam.  We have seen many of his dreamy sequences wander off to some picturesque forests or cascading waterfalls of this God own land. One of this versatile tales that has captured the mesmerizing backwaters of Kerala is Dil Se. The famous song Jiya Jale from these movies was shooted in the scenic Alleppey backwaters.  Alleppey or popularly known as the Venice of the east is well known for its backwater cruises.  This film which was realized on 1998 depicted an unquestionable heartthrob of Hindi speaking part of this land. The story revolved around the tourism in the country. The stunning cinematography of Santhosh Sivan has captured the mesmerizing beauty of Kerala backwaters in a unique way.  The song jiya jale take us through the beauty of Alleppey backwaters and also the wildlife spots of Thekkady and the Athirappilly falls all in one frame.



The major factor making Kerala, a filmmaker’s paradise is that you never have to search for locations here. It just comes to you. Has anyone ever imagined, the magnificent waterfalls of Athirappilly could be portrayed such breathtakingly in one of the internationally famous films such as Bahubali? Kerala has blessed in such a way that it is very beautiful in every place you visit and offer you something unique to remember. And the best way to make some everlasting holiday memories here is by Enticing Kerala tour packages from Bangalore and all other major cities.  If you go through these dreamy films, you will surely go to fall in love with this green paradise.  The ambiance, greenery, infrastructure and environment, amazing hospitality, and eco-friendly tourism, all make it one of the ten paradises of the world.

How technology has changed the world of travel?

When we think about planning a trip these days, what comes first in your mind? Yeah, I want to travel this place, so let me check on “MakeMyTrip”,”TripAdvisor”, “Yatra” etc. and view the new offers I got. Since the travel industry is offering us better and more and more convenient services every year, it keep increasing our curiosity about what would be the latest offering by the travel industry. So it is no exaggeration in saying, technology has changed the way we do everything.


The whole point of technology is to make our life easier.  And the industry that has got benefited from most is the travel industry- In earlier times, travelling was pretty much complicated since there weren’t any travel booking systems that would allow you to book your flights, buses, trains and hotels and let you enjoy a hassle free peaceful vacation. Recently when I was looking for some Suitable Kerala tour packages, I got amazed by the travelling or the tailor made vacation options that I met with. And it was even easier to land on Seasonz India, as they had the perfect solutions for my how I reach there? Where to stay? How to connect? What to do? Where to go? and all other queries. I was amazed with the deals and offers I was given with. They had

  • Customized Search with relevant options
  • The deals and offers were incorporated quickly
  • A smart and smooth booking experience
  • Multiple Search Filters based on the prices, categories etc.
  • Different sorting options for search results based on the location, price, name etc.


See how amazing the wonders of technology make an impact on everything by giving us access to almost everything in the palm of our hand. And when comes to travel, the travel websites like Seasonz India provide their patrons with many different types of travel packages that are custom made to fit into specific travel need of the travelers from all over the world.  And the benefits of these packages include

  • These offer best possible price on air seats
  • Provide you with many profitable deals on accommodation
  • It include conveyance to and from the airports and at the place of your destination
  • These might include reservation of tour buses or car rentals

These rapid growth of the tourism industry is one of the top breakthroughs of the technology. Unlike those old times, you don’t need to visit a local travel agent in person, on relay on word of mouth suggestions or book the accommodation or travel facilities at a very costly price, You can easily make use of the advance of the internet technology and simply type in what you are looking for in the web, like “the best tour operator in Kerala”, the Best Kerala Holiday Packages, and you will be offered with amazing options that are far beyond your expectations.

Travel Friendly Technology Services:


The online travel business have made travelling extremely effortless and pocket friendly with many travel booking software and technologies, mobile applications that allow you to easily book the flights, hotels and all other travel amenities that you would be worried about, when it comes to planning a trip. And here are some convenient and travel friendly services.

Mobile Applications for Flight and Hotel Bookings:  


Hotels and flight booking mobile apps: sure not one thing new as individuals will still simply book their most popular hotels, flights, automobile rentals and buses through websites, however with times dominated by smart phones and tablets, this may become additional facile as individuals can book accommodations and flights on the go and within the last minutes of their travel with travel booking mobile apps. what is more, you’ll be able to conjointly fancy significant discounts and offers if you sign in on these mobile apps that build them even additional profitable.

Search travel destination:

search.jpgone among the toughest components of leisure is selecting associate acceptable destination. With trendy latest technology, finding a vacation destination can become simple as you’ll be able to search near business enterprise points as per your budget and preference.

GPS and placement finder:


whereas on a vacation, you’ll forget your approach back to the building otherwise you might want to go to an area however don’t grasp you’ll be able to reach there. an acceptable location finder can provide you with your precise location and a transparent plan of your thanks to the destination.

Learning native language:

languageIt may well be pretty tough for you to survive in a very place whose language is foreign to you. With latest travel technology, you’ll be able to simply learn vital terminologies of city’s native language to grasp and communicate with the locals.

Staying Connected with everyone:

socialmedia.jpg Enjoying a vacation means that keep posting your whereabouts and footage on social media networks and staying in touch together with your family and friends to allow them to savvy well you’re enjoying your vacation. you’ll simply click selfie from your Smartphone and directly transfer it on your Facebook wall Free web page, amendment your WhatsApp standing as you jaunt totally different areas and take a look at new meals and browse your business connected vital emails to not have an effect on your work.

Provide simplicity in on-line booking:

bookTravel agents would like their customers to book hotels, flights and various imply that of travel merely and swiftly. an internet booking engine that fulfills all the wants and preferences of the tip user permits higher due to open lines of communication between the two that brings sales and contribute inside the expansion of the company.

Give real time structure information:

Structure reservations unit of measurement subject to accessibility of the rooms, that keeps on driving every passing moment. With a main quality on-line booking engine, you will be able to provide your shopper real time structure knowledge to help them produce the only decision whereas reserving a sleeping room.

Effective Flight booking system:

flight booking.jpgGive your business a bigger height by providing a flexible and intensely convenience flight booking system that allows the shopper to book most well-liked flights within few clicks. Give them a system that facilitate them sought for cheap flights between two stations and reserve it on the go.

Provide immediate confirmation to your travel Queries:

One of the many advantages of on-line booking services for travel arrangements are that they’re going to provide their customers with real time confirmation of their flight and structure bookings anytime of the day. It’d save the user from constantly checking records or ensure the booking by line of labor the structure or flight provider.

Enjoy easy and timely sales transactions:

With web booking engine, you are saved from direct and worsening communication via phone, email, fax and various mediums beside your guests to provide necessary knowledge. All the information would be give to the shopper through one on-line look which can provide prompt sales.

Offer discounts for enhanced sales:

discount.jpgwhat is more, on-line booking engine flights and hotels facilitate travel intermediaries aware their potential customers regarding current offers and discounts to catch their eyes and urge them to urge the deal. it is a wide acknowledge methodology to attract customers by inflicting their latest offers on flights and hotels through emails and messages. This to boot helps the shopper to create, customize and book a full vacation package at a price Business Management Articles, that can’t be found elsewhere.

What do Beaches in Kerala have to offer?

Kerala has been named as one of the “ten paradises of the world” by the National Geographic Traveler and noted as “50 must-see destinations of a lifetime.  My vacation trip to Kerala which was a high-spirited one with exploring the best beaches in Kerala was a lifetime experience. For a luxurious holiday, head out to Kovalam or Varkala and for a hush-hush time bask under the Alappuzha and Marai Sun, with some Amazing Kerala tour packages to this God’s own kingdom-Kerala.   The package was encompassed of all that I was hoping to experience on a holiday- exotic beaches, backwaters, emerald lagoons and channels and endless stretches of greenery. Animal lovers, nature enthusiasts, and water babies all will have a splendid time over this green paradise.

This narrow strip of land has around 580 km of coastline, which make it a bit heady task to choose from. Secluded beaches, laid back ones, white sandy beaches and those which are famous for parties and festivals, the options are endless for a perfect beach getaway.

#1 Kovalam: For an Ayurvedic Beach Experience


It is one of the most luxurious beach destination and once a wayfarer’s paradise. This crescent shaped beach is most popular for its shallow waters and tidal waves.  You can find all those top-class hotels, many of which offer heavenly ayurvedic massage treatments. And these complete rejuvenating spa treatments are one among the top reasons for tourists from all over the world flocks here each year. This 17 km coastline offer splendid beach parties, magic shows and an all night clubbing and so much more.   There are mainly three beaches- Light House beach, Hawah Beach, and Crescent Beach. The top class sunbathing available here is a top attraction or if you want to get into the water and experience the waves, hire a boogie board and set sail, kayaking, surfing, swimming and what not.  With a laid-back ambiance and cool breeze coconut palm lined shoreline, the sunsets and sunrises bring romance into the air.   There are ample museums and forts that you can visit.

Nearby Attractions

Padmanabhapuram Palace– If you are an architecture enthusiast, then you must give a visit to this place, which is a thing of great pride to Keralites. The palace is located close to Thuckalay town in Kanyakumari and is about 20 km from Nagercoil.


It is one best the best example of traditional Kerala architecture and consist of several structures

  •  King’s Council Chamber
  • Mother’s Palace
  • Hall of Performance
  • Southern palace

Napier Museum: It is located right in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city. The museum reflects some beautiful works of art, archaeological wonders and some idols. Trivandrum Zoo and Sri Chitra Art Gallery are located nearby.  The gallery was home to paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and some other famous Tanjore paintings.


Anchuthengu Fort: It is located around 12 km from Varkala and is the reminder of the British rule era. It was the first ever built by the British


#2 Alappuzha: For the love of Backwaters

Aleppy- or popularly known as the Venice of the East has one of the finest beaches in Kerala is well known for its backwaters, houseboats and the Coir industry.  The deep blue skies, pristine powdery shorelines, and turquoise water all make it a lover’s paradise. The serene lagoons, endless paddy fields all makes the houseboat cruise here a most sought after one.  The harbor here is one of the oldest and is ideal for sunbathing.  There are shops for purchasing unique handicrafts and if you are visiting between August to October, you can witness the exciting Snake Boat Races.


Nearby Attractions

  • Lighthouse
  • Vijaya Beach Park
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Fishing Villages
  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

#3 Varkala- Post Card Perfect


Comparing to the busy and bustling Kovalam, its is a quiet and tasteful option and truly a heaven for the surfers.The beach was a spectacle in every sense and is a photographer’s treasure.  At the edge of the cliff, there were lots of cafes and shops, that offer serving amazing cuisines of seafood. The cruise through the backwaters was a surprising one where I could catch sunbathing dolphins gracing the vista.  The simple cruise through the Varkala Tunnel was almost similar to one that we could find in Venice and Holland.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Sivagiri Mutt– This is the final resting place of one of the most influential people, the social reformer of Kerala-See Narayana Guru, and now one of the most visited pilgrimages in the state.  He was a practitioner of the Advaitha Philosophy that highlighted- One Caste, One Religion and One God for man.


#4 Marai: A Soulful Appeasement

This beach is near the fishing village-Mararikulam in Aleppy district.  The beach is ideal for a quick dip and you can also take a day cruise in Alleppey Backwaters by staying here.  It is one of the quiet beaches where you can visit those traditional fishing villages and an ancient way of life.  There were lots of surf boarders who were fascinated by the high welcoming waves.  The locals and tourism operators more focused on maintaining the ecological balance without spoiling the pristine beauty.


#5 Cherai Beach

It is located in the Ernakulam district and on the borders of Vypeen Islands. The place was filled with swimmers and dolphins are also seen here occasionally.  You can visit the typical Kerala village with endless paddy fields nearby.

cherai beach1.jpg

Nearby Attractions

  • Portuguese Fort– Located In Vypin, and was built by the Portuguese and is one of the oldest existing forts that holds European style.
  • Pallipuram Church– It is located around 20 km from Ernakulam and known as the church of “Our Lady of Snow” or: Manjumatha”.
  • Munambam Beach– it is located at the Northern end of the Cherai beach and an ideal place to have a complete relaxing and laid back experience.

So explore these beautiful beaches during your Stunning Kerala Tour.


Mesmerizing Tourist Destinations in Kerala



Kerala is a land of tranquil beauty with lagoons, backwaters, lakes, meadows and beaches. Your Kerala tour package has to be comprehensive to include the most of all these sites. Kerala offers places of historical relevance too as the many historical places are well preseved by the Kerala Tourism department. One can enjoy both coastal beauty as well as the lofty hilly regions in Kerala. The flora and fauna of the mountain region offer a banquet to your eyes.Here you can try your hand in trekking and mountaineering too. The sahya region of the Western Ghats borders the east side of Kerala.




The western side of kerala is one long coast that provides a number of beaches spread across the various districts of Kerala. The mainland is crisscrossed by a large number of lakes and rivers that form the foundation of Kerala backwater Tourism. You can enjoy a quiet lunch in a houseboat anchored in the middle of a lake. The kuttanad backwaters are major attractions for those who come in search of peace and refreshment. Never will you fall short of the attraction provided by the lush greenery that borders the back waters and lagoons. The wildlife found around the dense forests of the Wayanad region can be captivating. It’s a feast to your eyes and to the skillful photographer in you. True to the word Kerala tour packages is the right choice for your holidays. Immerse yourself in pure bliss and joyful vacation.


The Jewish Connection


Kerala has a much unknown Jewish connection. It had a good number of Jews in the earlier days. The famous Mattanchery synagogue stands witness to the major turmoil that has gone throught he minds of the Jews of Cochin or the cochinis as they are called. By the 1950s when the Israel was formed, they started their return home, or the Aliyah as it is called. Now the city has just 5 Jews remaining of whom Sarah Cohen is the oldest member. The Sarah’s boutique in Jew Street stands testimony to the handcrafted glory of the bygone days.


Bird Sanctuaries


Thattekad Wildlife Sanctuary.jpg

Unknown to most lays the mangalavanam bird sanctuary in the middle of the city of Ernakulam. It lies close to the Kerala High Court. It is a mangrove forest with a lot of migratory birds that come down from around the world. It is the quiet that attracts the people to come and visit them.


Thattekkad bird sanctuary


Located in the hilly region off Kothamangalam, it is located in close proximity to Bhoothathankettu Dam. It is a safe haven for a wide variety of birds.


Dams of Kerala


The water bodies of Kerala are well tapped to provide all the necessities of the state. There are a good number of dams across most of the rivers. There are around thirty three dams and reservoirs in total of which some of the major ones are as follows:












Kerala the paradise of tourism

Kerala, the land of beauty and prosperity situated in the south side of India is well known for its geographical specialty. With Arabian sea in the west and western ghats covering 500-2700 m east and with a well network of 44 rivers, Kerala is paradise for tourists with 580 km length and 30.130 km  breadth. Kerala is one of the most attracted places in India where about more than one 10 million tourists visits Kerala per year. Based on the geographical nature Kerala can be divided into 3 regions from the highlands of western ghats to the midland of hills and valley leads to the coastline area with back water. Tourism in Kerala is mainly based on the backwaters and midland valleys, the very specialty is that the distant from the highland area to the coastline is just 120 km., which cannot be seen anywhere else. Which makes Kerala the gods own country. Kerala tour packages are available for anyone who wishes to see the land of god.


Even though Kerala is a small area it is rich with its biodiversity. About 6 national parks and 14 wildlife sanctuaries are situated in Kerala. Kerala tourism has a major role in its economy. The human development as well as economic development of Kerala beats any other states in India. Kerala is rich with backwaters, beaches, hill stations and wildlife, which offers various types of Kerala tour packages. The place of attractions can be listed from Kuttanad which is 2.2 m below sealevel to anamudi which is 2479 m above sea level.


Wanna go for a ride by enjoying the beauty of Arabian Sea. Muzhuppilangad beach, Kerala is the number one driving beach in Asia. Those who need an awesome drive through the beach can prefer muzhuppilangad beach. This beach has an undeniable position in Kerala holiday packages.

kerala-tourism-beach                                                   Muzhuppilangad beach, Kerala

There is also about more than 10 famous beaches in Kerala which is very well known for its magnificent beauty. These beaches are some of the pillars of Kerala tour packages.


Eastern Kerala consist of land which is towered by western ghats which includes high mountain gorges and deep valleys. The popular hillstations in the region are Munnar, Wagamon, Paithamala, Wayanad, Nelliyampathi, Elapeedika, Peermed, Thekkady and Ponmudi. Various type of Kerala tour packages are available for those who wishes to spend some time on the hands of nature

kerala-hill-stations                                                        Munnar hills cape, Kerala                    


Backwaters are another set of attractions in Kerala. Backwater tourism is mainly centered on Ashttamudi Lake and Vembanadu Lake. Boat races during festival season are a major attaraction. Festival special tour packages and Kerala holiday packages are attracting the tourists to the Gods own country.


Vembanad Lake, Kerala


Evergreen forests are the major attraction of Kerala which is famous for its breathtaking beauty and rich biodiversity. There is a wide variety of animals and lots of new species are getting find day by day. The wildlife of Kerala attracts a lot of tourists as well as researchers. National parks and wild life sanctuaries have a major role in the adventurous part of Kerala packages.



Looking for an adventurous off road experience. Kerala is now well known for the mud races held in Bhoothathaan kettu. Bhoothathan kettu is famous for its mud races of jeeps as well as motor bikes.