Let The Hearts Fondle Each Other At The Dream Town Of Munnar

Once upon a time, when all of us had been kids, all of us would have dreamed of our marriage where everything is expected to be more like a fairytale. But as we grow, we realize the tough time we all are going to have and what precedes it after one point of time is the good time we all are going to have post-wedding when the honeymoon days are totally in for enjoyment. My time for this enjoyment was finally in where my husband had been planning everything as I had already told him how much of a stress release it would be after the wedding. The destination that had been planned by both of us was where we wanted to be at some place good where nature would soothe our brains, mind, body, and soul. And in doing some research, we finalized the destination to be Kerala where nature was in abundance. Honeymooning amidst beautiful destinations is goals and we decided to achieve ours on setting off to the destination of Kerala where we booked a two-day package all the way from Chennai.


We checked into all the requirements and made it all ready through Seasonz India who indeed made our travel a jolly one. We took the flight as we did not want to waste our time by boarding bus or trains where we would waste time in Transit. We flew where the representative of the travel planners came to pick us. He welcomed us with flowers which were indeed a sweet gesture and drove us straight to the one and only one destination we had planned to visit in Kerala which was Munnar. Due to problems regarding the fact that both of us had no leaves, we had crumbled our travel for two days but we made sure that we explore the place to the maximum and at the same time enjoy our time together away from all the hustle and bustle where everything we indulged into made us super busy.

It was a long journey where we took frequent stops in between so that we could get out and enjoy the purest form of nature already. In almost 5 hours we got to the destination and all we were able to see was nature. It was almost late noon but the fog remained in most of the places. The driver said that this is how Munnar looks like during the seasonal period and this is exactly what we had been searching for. We decided to eat lunch at a restaurant that the driver referred to us after which we set off to the Mattupetty Dam. The driver dropped us and as he would wait on the other end. What I liked most of the place was the fact that they had actually made a quite looking bridge across with block tiles on which we could walk sightseeing the beautiful view of the water. Some people had also been on the speedboat in the dam. All of a sudden, I had the adrenaline rush that both of us should be taking a ride in the dam at that moment. we walked up to the driver and asked him to take us to the boating place. He drove us and we reached where we had been laughing at each other for the prompt decision that we had taken. The fare had been comparatively moderate and so we hopped onto ours and set a quick voyage through the waters of Kerala.


In the evening, we went touring to the top station where the driver asked us to catch the sunset. We took the tickets to the cloak tower first after viewing which we decided to go down to the viewpoint. Climbing down had been fun where we had been goofing free fall but after catching the sunset for the first time from Kerala, when we wanted to return back, it was the hardest task where we ended up pulling each other to the top. The rope that had been there somehow helped us and had got us all tired as well. We went to a close by hut that served snacks and drinks. It had got colder and so cold water seemed like ice to my body. We had some warm water and got two coffee. With the coffee, we walked to the driver who drove us to the resort. In the midway, I got to see a place where an array of shops that sold various things had been there. I asked the driver to stop from where we had hot bajjis. The driver was fascinated by the teddy bears that he went to get some for his car and we walked through buying weird things in which both of us found interest. I spun the fidget spinner we got as we walked and finally got to the car and set to the resort.


It was too cold that I was already in search of blankets. We got into the room and the freshened up as the hot water supply was there. And then ordered some food where they told us that we were having buffet dinner in our tour package and it was complimentary. We walked down where we had some Pulav and chicken chili for dinner and got back to our honeymoon suite. It was the snuggliest bed ever and we had been the best night of our lives at Munnar. The holiday had been going just well and the night went by. The morning had been hard for us to wake up but we jumped up as we had to get set go on our second day of honeymoon in the destination of Kerala. The breakfast was hot served where we gobbled up the dosa and chutney and got into the car bidding bye to the hotel.

The first pace of stop was at the echo point. We got down as we reached and the driver said us that there was scope for horse riding there. So we walked to the spot and found two horses that had been there. We got on a couple ride for just 5 minutes and got it captured as well from the photographer who had been there. After getting a couple of pictures captured, we decided to leave to our next place which was the Eravikulam National Park. The thing about this place was that we could find a bunch of Nilgiri Thars and other animals which made it a major place in Kerala that preserved the endangered animals. We took the entry tickets and walked in where we walked pretty much into the place where we finally got to see them striding grazing the land. In some other place, we also got to see the macaques who all seemed pretty comfortable with the presence of tourists. As the place got busy, both of us walked out and asked the driver to ride to the next place of the tour.


So all three of us talked as we traveled and he dropped us at Lakkam waterfalls which is where we were able to find one of the most beautiful waterfalls. We spend a lot of time there where it was late evening when we had been getting out and hunger had stricken hard. There were some stalls that had been outside the falls from where we had some low priced but extremely delicious egg rice. We got some lays packets and biscuits and went to the car.


The final place of visit at Kerala on this tour was Marayoor where we were bound to go to Sandalwood forests. We drove for an hour and when we reached, what I had been exposed to was acres of sandalwood. But both of us had expected the place to be smelling all sandalwood but it wasn’t real. That was it for the two days of honeymoon we had and the night we spend at a resort with a campfire. The next day morning both of us set off to the driver where he drove us to the airport. it was the time to get back to work and we had been ready to as both of us were energized from the travel.


Magnificence Of Bekal Fort And Best Time To Enjoy Its Beauty

Bekal Fort

Spread over forty acres of land standing the difficult trials of the waves is the largest fortress located in Kasargod district of Kerala, the Bekal Fort. The ever-mesmerizing attraction of the pristine and sandy beaches, its mischievous waves, and winds all portrays the story of a famed history guarded within the potent walls of this 300-year vintage castle.

Bekal Fort is unfolded over forty acres and Some crucial capabilities of this citadel are the water-tank with its flight of steps, the location for maintaining ammunition, the tunnel establishing toward the south and the vast and extensive steps leading to the Observation Tower which is a rarity.

From there one has sufficient view of towns in the vicinity of Kanhangad, Bekal, Kottikkulam, Pallikare, Uduma and many others. This remark middle had strategic significance in coming across even the smallest actions of the enemy and ascertaining protection of the Fort. The Fort stands amidst ocean and it seemed to have constructed up from the sea, where 3 fourth of its exterior is sopping wet and the waves have already stroke the Citadel. Being nestled in a picturesque perfect location, bordered by Blue Ocean, the Kerala tourism is gaining prospect from this fort. Refer to the Kerala tour package prices and plan a visit to this fort, a favorite locale for movie makers and tourists all over India. Nearby attractions are Mukhyampara temple of Hanuman and old historical Muslim mosque, built by valiant Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan.

mukhyaprana temple
Mukhyaprana temple

The Fort was actually a defensive mechanism of old ruler’s regime and the zigzag entrance and moats around the fort show this protection strategy inherent within the fortress.

The fort was actually built for defensive requirements and thus unlike most another Indian fort, Bekal no longer existed as a center of management and had no remain of any palace or mansions located in the castle.

There are holes at the top, outer walls, and underneath facilitating the attacks when an enemy is approaching with its army. It is believed that the Bekal fortress would possibly have existed even from early days of the Chirakkal Rajas for the reality as during those times, the fort where used with a motive of defense. Many of the vintage royal palaces have forts to defend them from the enemies ally. Built through the rulers of the historic Kadampa dynasty, the fortress changed palms over the years to the Kolathiri Rajas, and then to the Vijayanagar Empire, later to Tipu Sultan and finally gone to the hands of British East India Company.

Bekal Fort Beach
Bekal Fort Beach

For those who wish to witness this eminent glory, visit the Bekal fort after referring to the perfect timings for visit. The visitor who likes vacations with medium showers can visit this vicinity from Mid of June to end of August. This is the excellent time to understand the stunning magnificence of this town. The months of March to May are warm yet the identical time which is extraordinarily suitable for people who can withstand mid 30-degree temperature. This place is well worth in any season and any time of the year.


The weather stays hot and moist when the temperature has risen to a level of 36°C. However, it isn’t always as terrible as it sounds because the breeze from a sea enables in lowering the summer time effect considerably. Visitors from everywhere in the world visit Bekal for travelling amid this season. It is the exceptional time to visit attractions around Bekal like Nilesweram, Kappil Beach, Bekal Fort and much greater. In the summer nights, a meeting round bonfire close to the seashores is extraordinarily enjoyable and famous among travellers. People from frosty regions admire Bekal on this warm climate. Bekal seems lovely in its settling summers, sprouting spring, extremely cool winter and blustery rainstorm. Hence, plan a Kerala holiday package during this time for those who love the warmth of nature.

kappil beach
Kappil Beach


Generally, Monsoons begins in Kerala in June with a heavy downpour. The rain adds some more magical casts to the beautiful regions of the Bekal, in particular, the Fort. The climate is moist and brimming with stickiness amid the daytime. The monsoon evenings in Bekal are frosty and misty. During monsoons, the historic Bekal Fort that’s fashioned like a massive keyhole gives a splendid view of the Arabian Sea from its tall remark towers in Bekal. In case you’re hoping to have a budget holiday in Kerala, this is one of the high-quality locations in India to go to amid the off-season at some point of Monsoon. Most resorts and home stays in Bekal offer substantial rebates almost 30- 60 percentage and extraordinarily appealing improvements to attract visitors.


Winter season is considered as the perfect time to enjoy Bekal. The weather remains cool and at ease which is good for any circle of relatives or honeymooner who needs to go to one of the pleasant seashores in Kerala. Best seasons to visit the nearby attractions are winter and vacationer can appeal in Bekal like Malik Dinar Mosque, and Chandragiri Fort, Ananthapura Temple with ease. The weather is bit dry, yet ideal and suitable for Houseboat Cruise as nicely

Malik Dinar Mosque,
Malik Dinar Mosque

The days are tolerable yet the evenings are pretty cold and wintry weather temperature drops to four to five ranges at night. Hence don’t forget to carry your woolen wears in iciness. You can see the Theyyam Performed by locals of Bekal in peak season. Kerala honeymoon packages will arrange a trip to Bekal and its fort where couples can remake the romance diffused at the time of the shoot of a popular movie, ‘Bombay’. Bekal is one of the finest locations in Kerala to visit throughout the vacations. Bekal has become the thriving and essential tourism spot. People touring Bekal can take the specialized Ayurveda rejuvenation programs to maintain their thoughts and body in shape.

A Travel To Fight The Cancer With Inner Self


How many of you believe that apart from English medicine, a healthy mind can fix the issue of a body? Not many I think as all are wrapped in the fear of longevity and in a wish to live longer will obviously take medicine. But the power of the mind is something which is really magical and can heal any deadly disease in the body. This ideology is proved by two couples who have set out for a travel in South India, mainly Kerala. I am proud to introduce Mr Thomas Kurian and wife, Mrs Sherley who are on their sweet 60s, not old enough to travel Kerala. The reason why they have set out for a travel is truly interesting and at the same time, quite unbelievable too. It is common for a couple to go for a travel after settling their family responsibilities but when one of the couples is having a deadly health issue then that is uncommon these days. People will ask questions and say negativity that what is the necessity to travel when a disease is taunting you? Ignoring all these questions and with the support of their family, they took the courage to visit Gods own Country, Kerala to rejuvenate themselves. First of all, for a couple living in a place like Bangalore, Kerala is a perfect choice. We, the Seasonz India team was actually hosting their Kerala tour and we saw their enthusiasm while picking their favorite Kerala tourism package same like they pick a favorite dish from the menu card. Starting from there, each moment will be cherished for them. We can ask them how they have managed to travel while countering a health issue.

SeasonzIndia: Hi, Mrs. Sherley, hats off for your courage and please introduce yourselves to everyone

Sherley: I and my husband Mr. Thomas is celebrating the 35 years of wedding anniversary and are happily married until we discovered my husband was suffering from a serious skin cancer in its early stage. We broke into tears and had undergone treatment for few months. We had the support of our children, not small at all now. They ensured proper medication for him and also in a city like Bangalore, everything was available for us. Thus for 3 months, we were having a complete hospital life and I shattered completely.

SeasonzIndia: That was too sad; now tell us how did you end up in a decision to go for a travel?

Sherley: After 3 months of treatment, I saw my husband becoming more depressed day by day and was reluctant to come out of the house. I was not afraid of cancer but of the fear and depression in him.

I am a person believing that more than a medicine; a person’s willpower can make him free from any disabilities. Thus I started to bring him to the sunshine and feel the warmth of nature.

Luckily, I drove and even in my 60s I am fit to drive and I took him to our favorite cafes and shopping malls. But I realized one thing that what he needs is a presence of freshness and greenery above all, a change of focus. His focus was on his disease and I planned for a travel to somewhere far.

SeasonzIndia: Great move, why did you Choose Kerala as your travel destination?

Sherley: I think this is an invalid question (laughs) but still, we had a reason. Kerala is obviously Gods own country and we felt the presence of divinity there. When I checked some of the itineraries and brochures, I was not at all satisfied as it seems really conventional. But one day, I noticed an itinerary of Kerala tourism but what I saw was a honeymoon package. Then I suddenly thought, why can’t we try a honeymoon package but it may sound awkward to the others as old fellows are going for a honeymoon but I really loved to experiment that. That is how we enquired your agency and booked honeymoon packages in Kerala in an effort to bring back our olden days. Kerala is a true paradise of greenery and we loved its climate. I wanted my husband to be soaked in freshness and in the mist of the hilly regions. To my surprise, he agreed but asked me just one question. Will you be able to care me throughout the journey? I laughed and said be ready to watch the Mist.


SeasonzIndia: Interesting maam, How was your travel to Kerala?

Sherley: We backpacked after confirming our booking and packed his medication, which I believed will of no use after completing our travel. We were planning to pretend as the sweet couples in their 25 heading for a honeymoon. Some of them supported but a majority of them gave a deer-in-the-headlight look for us. They can’t accept the notion of travelling with a person suffering from cancer. But we broke all the negativeness and bordered the flight. Our children had a concern but still believed us. We took the flight and reached next morning. Kerala is truly a marvel and the people are so pleasing. We inhaled the fresh air soaked in the aroma of spices in Munnar and spend quality time in tea plantations. We talked a lot and laughed, realizing our mind started going back to older days. The resort was really good and they have arranged a honeymoon cake for us. Munnar presented us the watch of Mattuppetty dam, echo point, Indo-Swiss dairy farm, Devikulam and all. We had an elephant safari together in Thekkady, boating in Periyar Tiger Reserve. In all these places, I was not watching the beauty of the place but instead, I was watching him all the time. He revived to a great extent and a confidence started building up. We tried out minor adventures.

SeasonzIndia: What have you liked most in Kerala?

 Sherley: Everything we encountered was adorable except some traffic blocks in National highways that troubled him a little. But apart from that, the journey was excellent. We enjoyed houseboat cruise to a greater extent as I find it as a unique feature of Kerala. In Alleppey backwaters, we saw a different facet of nature, calm and moderate enough. When we slowly progressed our voyage, steamy Kerala dishes were pleasing our belly. He had some food restrictions but still, enjoyed. Traditional Kerala style food is really delicious and mouth watering, I must say. We tried Tapioca and fish curry. Up, on the deck, we spend some romantic time watching the birds flying over us. We stepped first time in a canoe and watched rural world, interacted with them. The rural folks were so welcoming and they offered prayers for us and we promised, if everything falls back to its place, then we will surely come back and will visit you.


SeasonzIndia: Your trip sounded awesome, did you had to face any challenges regarding his health?

Sherley: One day, while we were at Alleppey, he had an issue with breathing which actually frightened me but still was in our control. Luckily, the houseboat offered doctor on call and helped us. One benefit we got was, the doctor suggested us to meet an ayurvedic doctor in the nearest resort. We did what he said and we were made to undergo “pranayama” and other treatments for rejuvenation of mind and body. It also gave a feeling of goodness to us.


SeasonzIndia: How did the Kerala trip change your life?

Sherley: I think the decision to set out for a travel was the best decision in my life which actually saved our family. We returned after the trip, I took him to next treatment sections and two days later its report came and the doctor told us that he is reacting well to the medicine and it has become quite easy for the doctor to uproot his cancer. I found immense confidence and willpower in him. His enthusiasm was at its zenith. Slowly after some more check-ups, he revived well.

SeasonzIndia: What advice will you give the travellers of your age?

Sherley: I have only one advice for them. If you are stuck with your life at any point never fear but instead, face it with enough courage and confidence. Health issues will always be at your doorsteps after the 50s and we must not fear them if so, they will invade us. Instead, ignore them but with proper willpower and guidelines. Travel is the best medicine for every problem as on the way, you will get to know many lessons. We can make new friends.

SeasonzIndia: Thank you for sharing with us and passing an excellent message to all. Wish you all the best in your life.

Sherley: You are welcome and take my gratitude in return for providing us best Kerala tour package and for caring us throughout our journey. You have given a perfect holiday for us and we are looking forward to coming back again when time permits. Thank you once again.

The Delightful Honeymoon Destinations of The Evergreen Kerala

A New Design (1).jpg

Kerala is a major place for travel when it comes to getaways. People come with their families, friends and relatives to wander in this destination. But when it comes with couples there are some exclusive places where they love to travel due to the climate and the tourist sites. On coming in a honeymoon package in Kerala, the couples can traverse the places they love to. Kerala is also one of the most favorite honeymoon destinations for couples from various parts of the world. The mostly picked places for travel are as follows.

Wayanad: the charm of the wild


As a person gets into this district he gets lost in the wilderness of the place. But as couples reach this place, they start living their honeymoon in the best destination ever. There is never a single reason for them to repent on taking this destination for their travel. The most exciting place for the people to stay is the tree houses located at Vythiri and Sulthan Bathery.

The destination to be visited here are the Chembra peak where the travelers get to see the heart-shaped lake.

The major benefit of being here is that the people are going to be in the ecosystem of the place, no matter where they go. Boating through the Pookode lake, they get to spend endless time talking to each other while pedaling. There are Bamboo forests and Wayanad wildlife sanctuary where the people can explore flora and fauna. Pakshipathalam, which is a bird sanctuary, is also a place that can be visited. Here, the people can walk along the sanctuary talking to each other by sightseeing the varied birds that stay there.


The couples who are adventurous can also go on trekking through the Edakkal caves. The chambers and the cave art here are worth few shots of couple photographs with best backgrounds. Other than tree houses, there are other facilities both budgeted and luxurious from which the people can make their choice. By being among nature, the couples get to embark the best start to their lives from here.

Alleppey: the backwater land


For people from other parts of the world, backwaters is always a fascination which is one main reason that Alleppey is one of the most visited places in Kerala.

Couples also prefer this place for the backwater journey through the Vembanad Lake which is the largest lake located in India.

The major thing to do here is to set on a houseboat cruise through which the people get to enjoy together the best sunset and sunrise of their lives. There is an Island known as Pathiramanal located here where the people get to enjoy bird watching as local as well as migratory birds reside here. Alleppey beach is also a place which is worth visiting along with the lighthouse which is located in the vicinity. It is one of the oldest lighthouses existing in Kerala .There are plenty of temples and churches located here where the people get to pray peacefully.

Kochi: the land of Dutch

This large city is favorite to all the people who come here on a visit as well as to the locals residing here. There is everything that one would want from a district like that of Ernakulam here. On travelling to Fort Kochi, the people get to walk through the places where the Jews and Dutch resided once. The place has also maintained the aura of it until this time. Couples also go on backwater journey here. The Cherai beach is a major spot to hang out where resorts are also located for the stay. As a person walks through the streets of the place, they may feel that they are walking through a place that had maximum food chains located in. The marine drive and the Bolgatty Palace are also places worth visiting when here when on a Kerala trip during the honeymoon. The place is quite busy most of the time but couples can spend time here devoid of all the rush there.


Trivandrum, the capital hub

Anyone reaching this place will fall for two main beaches located here which are Kovalam and Varkala. They remain crowded most of the time as the locals spend their evenings here. But Papanasam beach which is located in Varkala is a peaceful place where the couples get to spend time watching the sunset there. A lot of resorts as well as hotels are also located here from where the people get to enjoy the sea.


Several other things that the people get to visit on coming here are museums and one of the two zoos located in Kerala. A lot of famous temples are also located here which is visited both by the seekers as well as others to see the beautiful ancient architecture of it. Poovar Island is also a famous spot for the couples where they can cruise through the backwaters and enjoy the sunrise staying at the resorts located here.

Vagamon: the green hill

This place is indeed a heaven on earth. The meadows are covered with fog giving the couples a feel of touching the sky.  Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala are the major hills of the place. One main reason that this destination favorite to the people is that no modern infrastructure has reached to this place till date.


The fresh nature embraces the couples as they reach here. And the reason that people chose to come to this hill than Munnar is that most of the time, it remains secluded and out of the crowd. It is a must visit when on a Kerala tour as it is a natural eco-hub located here.

pine.jpgA pine forest is located at Vagamon through which the couples can wander around enjoying the beauty of the place.

In fact, Kerala is an amazing place for the couples to spend their honeymoon. The comfortable accommodations, mouth-watering food and the climate of the place lighten up the mood of the people where they end up talking to each other as they walk through the luscious green nature that belongs to this land. Other than the above-mentioned places, various other destinations are also located here. On exploring the destination the couples can escape into their honeymoon where they make memorable times.


Drive Through the Alluring Kerala

There are a billion reasons to visit Kerala for your next holidays. The enticing backwaters, the pilgrimage sites, the hills stations and the authentic food here are the prime factors that attract tourists. Two destinations here which are known well to be explored are Wayanad and Kozhikode. While the former place offers nature at its best, the latter place is exactly where you can explore food and its varieties.  Hence a Kerala Tour is never complete without these two destinations on the list.


Wayanad offers umpteen options for trekking and rock climbing. It’s most famous Chembra Peak is where people go for hiking. The elevated top gives an amazing view of nature from here. Edakkal caves are the next best spot to trek through the Ambukutty Mala and there you get to see two chambers filled with carvings of ancient people. Soochipara Falls is the next place you get to rock climb and trek. The beautiful waterfalls are exactly as its name means,- ‘rock needle’ from where water cascades down. If you want to see the largest waterfalls of Wayanad, go for Meenmutty Waterfalls which is three-tiered and falls from a height of 300 meters. You can also see the Banasura Sagar Dam which is the largest dam situated in India.  It is more like a scenic delight when viewed from the top.


If you are in for a wildlife safari with some Exotic Kerala Tour Packages with Price, you should drive to the Bamboo Forest or the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary which is considered as the World Heritage Site where you get to explore biodiversity at the best. It is the wildlife hotspot where flora and fauna have been preserved. Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is a place you are supposed to be at if you are looking forward to doing some bird watching.  Pookode Lake is where you can go on a family trip. Other than boating, there is a children park and an aquarium set up here. There is also a handicrafts Emporium open for tourists here. Kuruva Island is another spot which is a protected Delta on river Kabini. It is surrounded by herbs and orchids on the sides. A major thing that everyone gets to notice here is that the place is not polluted by waste and plastics. The tourists are requested not to litter around and to dispose of the wastes only in the provided dustbins.


Chain tree is another destination where tourists rush in to know the history of it. It is known that a tribal man was murdered by the British and hanged here.  Even though the history sounds bad the place has been maintained and looks attractive. Bamboo Factory is where you see Bamboo crafts. Bamboo vegetation is done here and people are taught how to make art from it. Other than nature, you should also visit Jain Temple. Known to be built in Vijayanagiri Dynasty, the architecture of this Temple is of the thirteenth century. Mahavir Jain has been cut from a square rock in this temple. When you have enough of enjoying the nature of the Gods own Country, move to the district right next to Wayanad, the city of spices- Kozhikode.


Kozhikode is where every food blogger and food lovers should come at least once to savor the most delicious Malabar cuisines. Many famous restaurants are located here and there are so many dishes that belong to this land alone. People travel to pack some Kozhikode Halwa as it comes in varieties and with mouthwatering tastes. Aadu Attipathal which is made of mutton is a famous snack of the city. Irachi Pathal which is made from beef is also another famous Ramadan dish cooked here. Chicken is the main ingredient of Kozhippidi which is also a Ramadan special of Kozhikode. Malabar also serves the best biriyani on earth. You can have this from most of the restaurants situated here. Most famous restaurants located here are Rahmath, Paragon and Adaminte Chayakada where you have to wait and reserve your seats. Kunji Pathari which is prepared from rice and chicken is the most favorite dish to kids as well as adults. Even though, initially only meat used to be famous here, vegetarian food is also being served with the grand spices of Kozhikode. When people travel a long distance through Kozhikode, they order food to the railway station as they never want to miss the chance of having Malabar Biryani.The main ingredient of this is usually chicken. But other than that fish, prawns, beef, and even vegetable Malabar Biriyani are being made now for those who prefer it.


Other than main dishes like this, you also get plenty of street dishes which this land has hall marked as its own. The first of this is Ice Orathi which you will get on the beaches located here. Mussel fry is also sold on Kozhikode beach which is a favorite of the locals here.  You can also go to places like Thusharagiri waterfalls and Kappad beach in case food is not only your main motive from here. You can also munch some Unnakaya, Elanchi and Peanut cake while traveling through these places as I personally insist that you taste everything that this land of magic food, owns. And do not forget to check for Food festivals when you visit as sometimes Malabar food festivals are conducted here where Housewives living here come together and share their food recipes to the people. Other than their authentic food, Arab cuisines are also served in most restaurants here. Mandhi dishes are the most famous amongst these and Quboos which is Arabian pita bread is also served fresh here. When you feel like you are full of food, take a walk through the popular SM Street to shop as everything one needs is available here. In case you are in search of brands there are several malls here like Hi-Lite and Focus mall where you can shop. Even though there are most of the fast food chains located here people are more into the traditional cuisines of Malabar.

Backpacking to Wayanad and Kozhikode during your Best Kerala Holidays Packages are would be the best option as you can explore the wonderment of nature and palatable food and make your drive through Kerala a memorable one.

Up On The Peak- A Peep Into Illickal Kallu At Kottayam


To get relaxed from the daily pressures of life, one used to take a small break and would escape into the laps of Mother Nature where extreme freedom devoid of any deadlines but what surrounds is just the tranquil of the space. Kerala is the most popular and stunning tourist destination in the country. Thousands of tourists flow into the state to spend their holidays with dear ones. They would take a gap of more than days to exploit the alluring features of Kerala tourism. Many travel operators like Seasonz India are their best in providing Exclusive Kerala Tour Packages and assist in exploring each and every wonder of nature. What if you wish to spend your day in any offbeat locations which are free from all time overcrowded visitors? Kerala also treasures many offbeat picnic spots where you can spend your one day tour and get rejuvenated. One such place is the Illikkal Kallu at Kottayam. The Illikkal Kallu or Illikkal boulder is almost 4000 feet above sea level is 50 kilometers from Kottayam and just 6 km from the nearest small village Teekoy.


Illikkal Mala is the origin point of various mountain streams which gather together to form Meenachil river. To get the amazing view from the top one must take a trek of 3 km to reach the summit. Clear view of vast land meadows and view of the Arabian sea in the over the horizon as a blue stroke is a must visioned scene. This place is on the borders of developing as a tourist spot. Earlier to reach the valleys of this hill was difficult which was wiped out with paving new paths to reach the top. Recently a bus service took its test drive here and we hope that Illikkal rocks can soon reach to the wider visions of tourists. The road till the pre-summit is very steep full of curves and zigzags. Even the experienced driver fined it difficult to drive up the hills. It is really adventurous to climb the rocks as we must make use of the pits and marks of rock to climb up. There are no safety harness devised yet but of you wish to enjoy the beauty of the hills it is enough to reach its summit. 25 persons are accommodated at a time on the summit. The best view is obtained during full moon day when at sunset as the moon rises up the orange sun goes down.


The specialty of this rock is that half of the rock has fallen off what remains is its other half. A small cave is present on the top of the rock. The Illikkal Kallu comprises of three hills each rising up to 4000 feet above sea level possessing different shapes. One resembling the shape of a mushroom hence the name Kuda Kallu. Belief is that a medicinal herb Neela Koduveli grows here which possesses supernatural power will increase wealth and result in the rich harvest. The second hill has a hunch on its sides so called as Koonukallu, hunch back rock. A small pathway between the rocks is presently called as a Narakaplam meaning bridge of hell.


The nearest attraction here is Vagamon. Vagamon is located at Kottayam-Idukki district known for its rich pine forests. Vagamon is actually less explored and the town is less affected with commercialization. Vagamon was discovered by British for tea plantation later by Church authorities who built their abode of service at Kurisumala. In my opinion, Vagamon should be included in Stunning Kerala tour packages with price as it would offer an indelible experience to you. Vagamon meadows are known to Scotland of Asia and it was mentioned among 50 most attractive places in India by National Geographic Channel. The landscape of Vagamon hills is covered with green meadows, small rivulets, rippling mountain streams which are a perfect place for washing away all your stress and tension. Adventure sports like paragliding, trekking, and mountain climbing. The green environment is idyllic to practice meditation.

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Ones who come to visit this rock can even get a glimpse at Kattikayam waterfalls nearby located at the Melukavu town. Set amidst the bamboo groves, sprawling meadows, and wildflowers, the falls pour out from a height of 70 kilometers making it as an exotic picnic spot. Taking a dip in the cool clean waters can rejuvenate your body and mind. The fact that these waterfalls are less explored adds to its beauty. Another appealing beauty at Kottayam is the Ilaveezhapoonchira, beautiful valleys spread over thousands of acres. This valley amidst beautiful hillocks near Kanjar yet another beautiful slice of nature is formed as the monsoons approaches; a small lake gets formed in the valley. As there are no trees around the place has got its name Ilaveezhapoonchira meaning the valley where the leaves will not fall.


Family packages for spending holidays in Kerala can be obtained through the sites of any travel trip advisors who will guide you in visiting these superlative offbeat spots in Kerala. The Illikkal hills are really dangerous if not explored well. Some youths were reported to have died falling off the cliff of Illikkal Mala. Reaching the top is highly risky as we know that the place is on the way to its development there are no presence of safety harnesses thus climbing through the slippery rocks can misguide you if not properly trekked. It is advised to visit the place during summer seasons as the onset of monsoons triggers the hills getting misty and foggy even the visibility drops to zero. Many activities are planned by the authority of tourism to promote this place. These hills are an ideal place for shooting splendid scenes in a movie. Thus Kerala has in abundance places to enthrall the tourists to the fullest and its offbeat spots are not just less in thrilling visitors. Some of the vacationers prefer to spend their holidays in the serene, tenderness devoid of hustles of other visitor’s spots. Illikkal hills are the best pick to satisfy their needs.

Some Haunted Places in Kerala that offer you Mysterious Ghost Tours


As kids, we used to hear a lot of many ghost stories and these ghost stories scare the hell out of most of us. Even many people have dedicated their lives to explain such paranormal activities and life beyond the one we live now; there exist still places that are considered to be haunted. And Kerala is no exception. Even if you don’t believe in such stories of ghosts, when you are alone are some unknown place or at night such creaky things and flickering lamps might give you a jolt.  If you are into the thrill and jolt that only such haunted places have, then you must try these places in your itinerary with Thrilling Kerala tour packages with Seasonz Inida.  The unexplained chill in the air in those places, some whispering sounds, some unexplainable shadows and movement in the corners, the miracle such places offers is endless. The history and stories speak for itself such places. Travelers who have an appreciation for spooky places, here are some destinations.

Lakkidi Gateway and The chain tree

chain tree.jpg
Chain Tree

Lakkidi, the gateway of Wayanad is located near the crest of Thamarasseery ghat. There are almost nine hairpin curves from Downhill to lakkidi through mountains and a journey through this ghat pass will surely give you goose bumps. It is about 700 above the sea level and is one of the highest locations in Wayanad district of Kerala.  When you visit Wayanad with some Brilliant Kerala tour packages, this place is a must include on your bucket list.

The story that led to the discovery of this place is what made it haunted.

The Mystery behind: The story goes like this. It was in the colonial times when British used to rule over here. Then a British engineer takes an initiative to find lakkidi to take the credit of finding a place all way himself but he sought the help of some locality named Karinthandan. And it is said that once he discovered the place, the British decided to avoid him and said to shoot him. And later after long, many travelers who passed through the new route reported that they felt or have seen the wandering of the soul of Karinthandan. As this was a frequent incident, a priest was called and exorcism was done to calm the spirit and tie it into a tree with a chain. But later, unbelievingly that chain got grown along with the tree and people still believe that the spirit is not yet freed.

What is spooky about the place: Trespassers sometimes witnessed or have reported about some loud shrieks and screams they have heard, while passing the route.

Bonacaud Bungalow

Bonacaud Bungalow


This most haunted place in Kerala is located amidst of the lush green plantations of Agasthya hill regions of Trivandrum and is famous for supernatural occurrences. This place was built around British era and the architecture is a classic example of colonial architecture excellence.  When the darkness crept in, this place becomes an absolute horrid place and a boy’s spirit is said to be seen by the door at night.

The Mystery behind:  Since the time of British rule, the bungalow was famous for its sprawling tea plantations and during that time, in one of the fateful night, one of the young children of the owner of this bungalow died under some mysterious circumstances. And after that incident, they went back to their homeland.

Spooky happenings:  many people who have visited here have reported some frequent wandering of spirit in this bungalow. Some sound of creaking furniture, breaking glasses and screams of a child is said to hear from this place during midnight. The appearance of a ghostly boy in the nearby places also been claimed.

Trichur forest

trichur forest.jpg
Trichur Forest

This forest zone among the most popular among trekkers and campers and is also an attractive place for the nature lovers and is blessed with rich flora and fauna. But animals is not what is happen to be a threat to this place, but the spirits and souls that claimed to be spooks people out who visit this place. This would be a wonderful place to visit during your Kerala trip.

The mystery behind: The story goes like this. It is said that there is some spirit of a boy around seven or eight years whose spirit haunts this place. There are no harmful events reported, but if you be the one who witnesses it, you surely going to sacred for life.  Many people who have visited here have seen the traces of a boy but no scenes in the morning.  According to one such tales, one was camping here and saw some boy sitting on some rock staring at the fire and the boy sat there for hours but was gone in the morning.

Mysterious occurrences: many who have visited here to experience adventure activities have witnessed paranormal activities.  The boy’s spirit is said to be seen staring into the blank but haven’t done any harm to anyone and disappears in the morning.


hymavathy pond.jpg
Hymavathi Pond

The Karivattom campus is considered to be another haunting place in Kerala and the Hymavathi pond, which was named after a girl who committed suicide here is considered to be one haunted place in the campus.  The story goes like this. Hymavathi was in love with a guy who belongs to another caste, and during that time it was unthinkable to marry someone of another caste. So she decided to end her life as she could not live with her beloved one by jumping into the pond. This pond is located near the back gate of Techno Park in Trivandrum. The pond is thickly surrounded by bushes and trees and many said to felt or witnessed paranormal activities around this area, vibrations or low energy levels.

Another real life story around this area is that once a techie who stayed late in the office, claimed to be felt some unexplainable presence while going through this route.

Bharathaur- Palode road, Thiruvananthapuram

sumathi valavu.jpg
Sumathi Valavu

This route in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala is said to be haunted and people still hesitate to ride along this route. This place was believed to be where a young woman named Sumathi was murdered. And they say her spirit to; haunts this place.  Many people have said that they have spotted a woman wearing some white dress when they did ride along this place.